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Find your Perfect Jewellery

Indulge your inner sophisticate with the exquisite designs of Meraki by Rashmi Bajaj.

Each piece is a work of wearable art, elevating your ensemble with an air of refined elegance.


Our new collection is inspired by leaves. Each piece is adorned by delicate pearls.



Gold-dipped jewellery, a contemporary statement of elegance and beauty.



A sophisticated collection inspired by flowers.


Our ornate collection evokes majestic magnificence and imperial luxury

New Arrivals

The latest styles, fresh off the runway. Discover our newest statement pieces.

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Story of

Meraki by Rashmi Bajaj

My endless passion for jewellery led me on a worldwide quest to curate a collection of unique statement pieces. Meraki by Rashmi Bajaj captures timeless luxury in each design through the exclusivity of techniques, materials, and craftsmanship.

Our creations are meant to be treasures, with a focus on stunning details, delicate shapes, and outstanding handmade designs.

We believe each piece should tell a story reflecting our brand’s essence of balanced, essential fashion. More than a fleeting trend, our jewelry aims to highlight and enhance through a perfect fusion of tradition and modern aesthetics.


Adorn yourself in the subtle sophistication of our statement pieces to add an exotic yet elegant touch. With Meraki by Rashmi Bajaj, discover lasting luxury to treasure for years to come.

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