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Meet Rashmi Bajaj

The Full Story

I'm Rashmi Bajaj, the founder and creative vision behind Meraki by Rashmi Bajaj.

I moved from India to London in 2000 , I became a mother to two beautiful children which was the most treasured part of my life . But my entrepreneurial drive, my passion for jewellery design never faded and the dream I carried with every lullaby.


I was not only raising my children here in  London, but in my mind a seed of my dream was gradually growing , channeling my innate creativity . And out of many bad times , this time I fell…… emotionally crumbled and broken . My heart was torn into two trying to keep up with my mums cancer journey and my daughters illness. I lost my sleep not for days nor for weeks but months. It took a massive toll on my physical health and of couse emotionally i hit rock bottom. I fell hard  really hard which was one of the most painfully challenging times in my life, right when I needed inspiration the most.

“Every act of creation is the first act of destruction “ As said by Pablo Picasso

Out of hardship MERAKI was born!


I felt compelled to create something meaningful that went beyond just jewellery design. With my instincts and diverse skills, I wanted to craft pieces that told a story and meant something special. The brand was founded on my dedication to bring unconventional, soulful jewelry to life.

My life started from among the love and lust of nature to weaving these into Meraki's DNA and designs, from dainty floral motifs to bold organic shapes. As an avid gardener, I find endless inspiration in flowers, leaves, vines. Each collection begins with a nature walk to clear my mind and conjure new ideas.


​But Meraki is not just my creative passion project - it's my livelihood and an extension of my simple, dynamic spirit. When I'm not designing new collections, you'll find me enjoying thrill-seeking adventures like skydiving, absorbing culture through travel, or unwinding to music


​Above all, I cherish the connections made through this brand - with employees, customers, and artisans worldwide who make our handcrafted pieces possible. Some of my most rewarding work is collaborating with talented craftspeople globally to mentor and lift up artisan communities.


​Meraki has seen its share of high highs and low lows. Launching a business is never smooth sailing. But the brand reflects the woman behind it - creative, curious, vivacious, resilient. The journey continues to inspire and fulfill me every day.


​Though my path has taken unexpected turns, I have never lost sight of my north star: to create meaningful, quality pieces that evoke feeling that  brings  joy. Our devoted customers fuel my passion and give each unique design a story of its own.


​I'm thrilled you get to be part of the Meraki by Rashmi Bajaj narrative. This is my story, but it's your adventure (or experience). Let's dream big together.

I have been wearing Meraki Jewels from quite some time and I absolutely love them. Fantastic collection, Very good quality. I highly recommend Meraki Jewels for everyone, it's a must have thing in every woman's collection!!!

Graceful pieces, simply love them. Gets loads of compliments when I wear the pieces. Must say you have an exceptional eye for jewellery.

Your bracelet was amaing!Thanks so much Rashmi! Had a wonderful time showing it off at Ascot!!

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