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Keep Your Jewellery Sparkling: 6 Tips for Caring for Your Jewellery

Updated: Sep 22

Your beautiful jewellery collection deserves proper care and maintenance to keep it looking its best. Follow these 6 tips to help preserve, protect, and prolong the life of all your precious and sentimental jewellery pieces.

Tip 1: Store Jewellery Properly

How you store jewellery when it's not being worn is extremely important. Always keep pieces in a fabric-lined jewellery box, soft pouch, or anti-tarnish bag. This prevents metals from rubbing together, stones from getting scratched, and upholds quality. Don't just toss jewellery in a drawer!

Tip 2: Apply Lotions and Perfumes Before Wearing Jewellery

Any creams, moisturizers, perfumes, hair products or make-up should be applied before putting on your jewellery. Chemicals in beauty products can react with jewellery metals and cause damage over time. It's best to put on jewellery last after you've finished your other daily preparations.

Tip 3: Take Jewellery Off Before Physical Activities

Protect your beloved jewellery from sweat, dirt, chemicals and impacts by removing before vigorous activity. This includes exercise, gardening, housework, swimming and any strenuous activities. Not only can sweat & soil dull the shine, but physical impacts can potentially damage softer gems.

Tip 4: Clean Jewellery Regularly

Regular cleaning is a must for maintaining sparkling brilliance. Use a dedicated jewellery polishing cloth specifically designed for gently cleaning without abrasives or harsh chemicals. Soft cloths help remove dirt, lotions, and body oils that build up on jewellery to reveal the like-new shine.

Tip 5: Remove Jewellery Before Swimming or Bathing

It's vital to take off all jewellery before entering water! Pools contain high levels of chemicals that can erode metals over time. Hot tubs, soaps and shampoos also leave reside. Exposure to water without removal first can gradually degrade your precious fine jewellery.

Tip 6: Take Jewellery Off at Night

Never wear your fine jewellery to bed! Rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces should be removed at night while sleeping. Nighttime moisture, skin oils and friction against bed linens can cause jewellery to become grimy, scratched and worn over time.

By keeping these simple jewellery care tips in mind and making them daily habits, your cherished jewellery will last you a lifetime. Take proper steps to store, clean and protect each piece from damage, dirt and chemicals. Let your jewellery collection maintain its timeless beauty!

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